Los sitios para visitar


Ecological Park of Zaghouane

A mountain that rises to 900m and which consists of hiking trails, a paddock mofflons, a nursery of eglantiers, an ecological museum, a cafe … At the top is Sidi Bougabrine who watch over the city and its surroundings.

The Temple of Waters:

Superb edifice dedicated to the water which was the heart of the Carthaginian and Roman hydraulic policy. From the temple, departed a large part of the famous aqueducts of Carthage in Zaghouane for several tens of kilometers

The ancient city of Zaghouane:

Superb Andalusian city which is famous for its sweetness of life, its many fountains, kaak ourka stalls, its inevitable mausoleum and its ibadhite mosque …

Berber villages

Discovery of the fortified villages of Zriba, Jradou and Takrouna: Incursion in the Berber world of Tunisia, walks in the alleys, coffee at the Blue Rock in Takrouna …

Archaeological sites


is an archaeological site built on several tens of hectares which consists of a superb capitol, large baths, a huge theater … The site offers the opportunity to discover basements in perfect condition 2000 years after their construction .

Tuborbo Majus

are among the most beautiful archaeological sites of Tunisia. From his excavations, a large part was placed at the National Museum of Bardo. Spread over 40 hectares, the site is located in a rich grain region and at the crossroads of trade routes. It includes also and especially the fragments of a statue of Jupiter which would reach about 7 meters high and a magnificent Capitol similar to that of Dougga