Team building

Dar Zaghouan Team building
Dar Zaghouan Team building


Speleology is an activity that transcends you, rich in discovery and immersion in this underground mode with rocks carved by water.
Whether you are beginners or confirmed it’s the 2001 journey of space odysseys for all.


Adrenaline assured landscapes and breathtaking views.
The Zaghouan mountain unveils these beauties, everyone can indulge in this sporting but also attractive activity.


You will enter in the true nature to climb with a specialized animator this high mountain of 1284 m and to discover the fauna and the flora of Zaghouan.


Play Robin Hood in space discover a fun activity but that requires a lot of cold blood and concentration.

Rifle Shooting

Hunter? okay the target does not move but our cows in metal are very hard to bow and it’s up to you to make the difference.


The popular sport par excellence 6 against 6, men against men or women against women team spirit will be the watchword.


The spirit of solidarity, the tactics, the sacrifice for the final victory will give you enough adrenaline to spend an unforgettable moment.

Improvisation and role plays

Play comedy alone where has several, show your sense of improvisation and repartee.
An exercise that will showcase your sense of listening to rhythm and placement.


Olympics: 4 games in competition

Horse ride or carriage

Play knight or princess around our farm.


You shoot or you point the extreme sport par excellence, a very good moment of relaxation in team.


Our national sport of atmosphere guaranteed, and there too the rhythm and listening will be required.